Trunk Show in New York

It has been a busy fall designing and creating pieces for the annual Barrett Ford trunk show in New York. My best friend hosts a show in her beautifully appointed apartment which provides a perfect backdrop for the jewelry. I travel throughout the early winter and spring every year to find responsibly sourced diamonds, precious gemstones and metals before I begin designing and making the pieces. When I first started making jewelry 10 years ago I would work on the drawings for the collection before finding the stones. After realizing those ideas often changed completely once I began working I decided to take some time before designing to find some special and rare gemstones that would inform the collections. Fall 2017 was no different. I have found that creating unexpected color combinations and design elements is my favorite part of the process, in addition to seeing the whole collection aesthetically come together after spending so much time in the design and creation phase. It’s gratifying to see people coming back year after year to experience each new collection and it speaks to the loyalty of my customers. I’m extremely grateful to be able to create things that make people sparkle and smile.

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